Systembolaget at Regeringsgatan 44

Address: Regeringsgatan 44
Telephone: 08 796 9810
Opening Hours: click here
Nearest Station: T-Centralen

To buy booze containing more than 3.5 percent of alcohol in Sweden, you need to go to a branch of Systembolaget, the state-owned monopoly. Among many branches in the city, the biggest one* (according to a staff at Systembolaget in Hötorgshallen) is in the shopping complex building at Regeringsgatan 44. If you are looking for a rather rare type of booze (e.g. Japanese sake), visit this branch. The stock is huge. For example, bottled beer from around the world (Jamaica's Red Stripe, Spain's San Miguel, Mexico's Corona, Japan's Asahi Dry, etc.) is in stock with the same price as Swedish bottled beer.

It's best approached through the entrance of NK on Regeringsgatan. Once you enter, go upstairs and turn left. Immediately on your right is the entrance.

You are required to show your ID card at a till, if you look young.

* According to Time Out Stockholm (3rd edition, 2008), the biggest branch is at Klarabergsgatan 62.

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